About Us

Al Zaini Converting Industries

Al-Zaini Converting Industries, a merger of two of the most important companies in Plastic & paper industries both are strategically located in Doha, Qatar.

Zaini Plastic was established in 1975 and Gulf Plastic Company was established in 1988.

Under the new name (Al Zaini Converting Industries ), the company continues to follow the two companies' approach in terms of quality, commitment and customer satisfaction under the highest level of management to work with complete integrity in all aspects to offer a nontoxic and environmentally good product.

We cater to a wide range of commercial and governmental companies, hotels, supermarkets and boutiques.

Al Zaini Converting is committed to ensuring the high quality, safety of materials used and customers satisfied and further growth, progress and success.



Board of Directors

  • Yousuf Mohamed Al-Zaini Chairman

  • Hassan Ali Al-Zaini CEO

  • Mohamed Jassim Al-Zaini Member

  • Arif Ali Al-Zaini Member

  • Khaled Ahmed Al-Zaini Member

  • Nasser Ali Al-Zaini Member